Chapter President’s Symposium

I, Steven Thoms, APLD am currently waiting at the Philadelphia airport for my connecting flight to Harrisburg, PA to attend the annual chapter symposium. This year the event was limited to only one member of each chapter, preferably the president but the vp could attend if the president wasn’t available. I hope to bring back some great knowledge in how I can help the chapter under my last year of leadership. Stay tuned for more details on my return tomorrow evening.

Returned from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania late last night after attending the APLD Chapter President’s Symposium.  It is also great to put faces with e-mail names and to put the great people involved with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.  I defiintiely got a lot of great ideas for our Michigan Chapter and the 2013 APLD International Design Conference that will be held right here in Detroit, Michigan.  Surprisingly there was A LOT of EXCITEMENT within this group of 20 or so people.  There were a few members who stated their hesitation about coming to Detroit, but that was good to know for marketing purposes.  I think we will always find that challenge being from Detroit.  Look forward to our Local Site Committee meeting this month and our membship meeting in March to share my experience.

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