10.4 Acres of Green Roof

On Thursday, August 1 myself and three lovely ladies who have been working hard with me to put on the 2013 International Design Conference starting tomorrow were granted a spectacular morning.  Through are association of putting this conference together, we had a private tour of the Ford Rouge plant  in Dearborn.  This isn’t the same tour you get through the Henry Ford Museum.  We got special access to places most people cannot get to, even employees in the plant.  What amazing weather to be on one of the world’s greatest environmental wonders.

20130801_112319 Ford DTP Aerial 2008-04-11 DTP Relaxed Mom 2013-08-01 11.18.15 2013-08-01 11.05.35 2013-08-01 11.15.02 2013-08-01 11.05.19

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