APLD International Design Conference

In 2013, I had the honor to lead a team to bring APLD’s International Design Conference to Detroit.  I was blessed to have amazing people with me to take on this huge undertaken.  Although, it was a lot of work it was worth it.  Meeting people, seeing gardens first-hand, and collaborating with people locally and internationally definitely grew me not just as a designer, but as a team leader.  During that conference, I had responsibilities so I was unable to fully enjoy it like I would as an attendee.  For four years now, I have had the desire to attend another conference (2014-Orlando, 2015-Washington D.C., 2016-New Mexico, and 2017-Boston) but chose not to because of work timing, finance and a serious spousal illness.  This year, with the conference being in driving distance, I made a commitment way back in the Spring to attend.  I am really excited as we get closer.


The 2013 conference with the theme “Growing Green Flowing Blue Pushing Through!” was held in August 2013.  It was based at the Marriot Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit with on-site educational activities taking place on Saturday, August 3.  These amazing talks reflected our theme with talks from Anthony Archer Willis on “Designing Water Features From Whimsical to Wild”, Dr. Brad Rowe on “Green Roofs, Walls and More”, and Brian Van Bower on “The Beauty of the Edge” to name a few.  Pre-conference tour was a Segway Tour of Downtown Detroit which included the Riverwalk and Lafayette Gardens.  The Conference tour on August 4 visited many sites in the northern suburbs including Cranbrook and several high-end residential projects by the area’s best landscape designers and architects.  The post conference tour visited areas in Detroit and the Grosse Pointes including the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House.


APLD’s annual conference is not just about looking at “nice” gardens.  It is about expanding your vision, learning from other people around the country (and the world), and being in community with some amazing people.


The 2018 APLD International Design Conference is right around the corner! Space is limited for a number of the activities we have scheduled. To ensure your spot is reserved at conference, register by the end of business on Friday, September 7. This is not a conference you will want to miss, and we hope to see you there.
Please note, the Pre-Conference Tour is full. If you would like your name to be placed on a waiting list, contact Lori Zelesko at events@apld.org. There is still space to join us at conference and on the Post-Conference Garden Tour as we tour Toronto’s rooftop gardens.